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brass plate attached to nickel-free steel barrette

available in matte or glossy finish

our pieces are only treated with natural dyes and bees wax, so staining and darkening is natural
please check once in a while if the screws are getting loose and tight them again
in case the barrette should stop working it can easily be exchanged since we´re working with a screw-nut-system
the barrettes must not get wet

MAILBOX (100 x 35mm - 95mm barrette)
BUTT (95 x 50mm - 83mm barrette)
FLAT SUN (100 x 70mm - 83mm barrette)
CROWN (75 x 45mm - 60mm barrette)
CREST (70 x 65mm - 60mm barrette)
BOAT (105 x 55mm - 83mm barrette)
CORNER (110 x 60mm - 95mm barrette)
MISSING PIECE CIRCLE (95 x 85mm - 83mm barrette)
WAVES (90 x 40mm - 83mm barrette)
TAG (130 x 25mm - 95mm barrette)
VERY LONG (145 x 40mm - 95mm barrette)
BIG BONE (145 x 50mm - 95mm barrette)
ARROW (70 x 55mm - 60mm barrette)
CASTLE (100 x 45mm - 83mm barrette)
GUY (95 x 70mm - 60mm barrette)
KISSING GUY (110 x 65mm - 95mm barrette)
COMB (105 x 30mm - 83mm barrette)